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Slide guitar


The slide lesson uses the Shockwave technology for more sounds, more pix and more interactivity. So if you donŽt already have downloaded the latest version of the Shockwave plugin go to Macromedia and download the right plugin for your browser. The lessons are 300-600Kb but starts showing after some downloading time. And youŽll also need a soundcard and speakers to your computer. Before you start playing please check the G-tuning and D-tuning pages for a basic understanding of playing in open tunings.


The lessons

Slide lesson 1 is in G-tuning and cover the basics as choice of slide left hand position, intonation, I, IV and V chords and more

Slide lesson 2 is in G-tuning, and weŽre playing a simple melody and try to put together a 12-bar blues

Slide lesson 3 is in G-tuning, weŽre playing a cool 15-bar classic

Slide lesson 4 is in G-tuning and weŽre using both thumb and fingers in the right hand for this common riff

Slide lesson 5 is in D-tuningand weŽre playing a raunchy classic here


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Planned lessons

Slide lesson in D-tuning, one more tune

Slide lesson in standard tuning and electric guitar

Slide lessons, more techniques: intonation, left and right hand damping, solo playing and more


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