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Playing in open G and A

Playing in open tunings is great for slide due to that the guitar is tuned to a chord. In most blues tunes and in many rock tunes you need only three chord, the three basic chords, the I, IV and V chords also called tonic, subdominant and dominant. In the key of G these are G, C and D. The I chord is either on the 12:th fret or open strings, the IV chord is on the 5:th fret and the V chord is on the 7:th fret.

But you can also use your your index finger (1) across the strings to play chords. Once youŽve got your index finger over the strings you are free to use the other fingers to form new chords. If you put it on the 5:th fret youŽll have a C-chord then use your middle (2) and ring (3) finger to form a F-chord. (if you donŽt hit the first string) You can also consider the F-chord as an extension of the C-chord which is called C6sus4.


Use only one more finger and youŽll get:

Use the same idea on the other frets as well and youŽve got "chords for a lifetime" Just ask Keith Richards!
All these chords above are major chords but youŽll need some minor chords. Here are a few:


Everything shown here is the same when playing in A-tuning exept that all chords will sound a whole step higher. The fingerings for G, C, and D-chords will be A, D and E in A-tuning.


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